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What to see in Udaipur? The Most Romantic City in India

Udaipur is located south of Rajasthan and is additionally recognized as the city of 100 lakes. The Venice of India or the most romantic place on the subcontinent in accordance to the British James Tod. For this and more there is a lot of things to do and see in Udaipur.

We spent 2 days in Udaipur and we simply had to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas in this magnificent city situated on the banks of Lake Pichola by Maharaja Udai Singh II from where it takes its name.

But first…

Where to stay in Udaipur?

As you can see Udaipur is a very famous city in all of Rajasthan for which it has millions of visitors a year. So you will find accommodation of all kinds and for all budgets.

In our case we stayed at Jagat Niwas Palace, Which is near the lake with beautiful views.

I already told you that here we spend Christmas and Christmas Eve and this hotel and staff integrate exactly what this season is for us, giving and receiving love. We had very pleasant conversations with their front desk

I and my wife are happy to stay in this hotel and if you are interested in coming to this beautiful city you already know that here you can stay at your visit.

What to do and see in Udaipur?

On the first day, we determined to do a  walking tour of Udaipur to find everything there may be to see within the city from the hand of a local.

Now we’re going with everything we did. And what we suggest you do and see in Udaipur in a full day.

Clock Tower

This tower is situated within the center of the traditional city of Udaipur and it’s an excellent point to start out getting to know it.

It is a structure of a clock from what we understood. It was constructed after the Janists and Muslims of the time made peace because they fought over everything.

So the little boy from England (we do not remember the name), along with the priests obtained together. And charged Rs 5000 to the 2 villages and constructed this watch as a symbol of peace.

The City Palace – Udaipur City Palace

It is a compulsory trip to see in Udaipur and we can put it this way if it is not Christmas day for us, which most in India do not celebrate if it coincides with their festivals.

So it was us and a few 10,000 Indians plus one other 200 travelers, the go-to was h-hr-ble.

Don’t get us wrong, the Udaipur Palace is grand and has an architectural complex consisting of four palaces. The most important in the entire Rajasthan. If you like to see it in a different way, then we will suggest you see Udaipur palace at night.

The problem is that we need to travel to this place in a single day, in fact, walking at 1 km x hours and suffocating multiple people.

The entry fee of Udaipur Palace is Rs 300 for foreigners and Rs 100 for students.

We suggest you get an audio guide or information to better understand the historical past.

Lake Cruise to Jagmandir Island

Next to the City Palace, you have the option to pay 600 rupees. And take a boat trip to cross the Pichola Lake from Jagamandir. Which would have completed your Udaipur visit.

Now, This palace has been redesigned into a hotel & restaurant.

Taj Lake Palace or Lake Palace

This place is gorgeous and it was a palace, which was transformed right into a Luxury Hotel.

Today it houses the well-known Taj Lake Palace hotel and may only be loved by its guests.

However, from the shores of Lake Pichola, you possibly can take pleasure in seeing it within the distance. And think that someday you’ll stay in it on a trip with your partner.

Jagdish Hindu temple

This temple is free and you’ll visit it when you go to the center of town, it is extremely good and has some spectacular carvings.

Although being honest, it resembles lots of the temples that we’ve seen all through Rajasthan.

When you go through your 200 temples you’ll understand haha.

Typical dances and Puppets in the Bagore Ki Haveli

This has been the icing on the cake of our go-to to the white city of Rajhastan.

For us one of the best to see in Udaipur.

It was our Christmas present because, literally, all of the functions were full up to 2 days later. And fortuitously we obtained one and even entered the place earlier.

There are two shows day-after-day, one at 7 pm and the other at 8 pm, each show has 100 seats.

The price is 100 rupees and imagines us it’s worth much however much more, my wife had red hands from so much applause.

The show lasts an hour they usually inform you about the origin of the totally different Rajasthani dances, traditional tales. And finally the crown of the cake is worn by a 72-year-old dancer who dances with 11 vessels on her head.


At the end of the show, all of us lined up to greet her. And take a picture of us and many even touched her toes as a symbol of good luck.

Incredible, we have been amazed, if we and the Lonely Planet recommend it to you, it’s a must to go.

Monsoon Palace (Sajjan Garh Palace)

This palace was recommended to us by our travel agency and it’s located on high of a hill, however, we were already quite tired so we didn’t go.

Anyway, you probably have extra desire and time than us, it’s a good choice to see in Udaipur.

Where to eat in Udaipur?

The first thing is to define, do you wish to eat cheaply or would you like food with good views? If it’s the first, we suggest:

Lotus Café & Restaurant

This place could be very near the city palace and the costs are very low, also the meals are rich and abundant.

We ordered a Malai Kofta and the house dessert was delicious.

If it’s the latter and also you need good views of the lake and the city of Udaipur. We went to:

Sabor World Cuisine Restaurant

This hotel, which has a restaurant with very nice views of the city, was chosen for our Christmas Eve dinner and what a good choice!

We went without a lot of expectations however the place is luxurious, dinner was a buffet and everything was decorated for Christmas.

The attention of the staff was impeccable and the meals go without saying, we had a whole table of sweets, turkey and Indian delicacies.

We are very, very satisfied.

What yes, the buffet was not the cheapest however it was wonderful, it was 1500 rupees per person.

After these two there are many other restaurants close to and around the main Ghat of Lake Pichola. They all look nice and we ate in two that we do not remember the name.

Just remember the fact that if you eat close to the lake and with good views, the costs will always be higher than in different eating places.

Street meals: Pani Puri

Finally, our driver Dharmender took us to eat a scrumptious Indian avenue meal known as Pani Puri.

They are like hole croquettes which are stuffed with water with spices or yogurt, they’re nice!

So if you go to Udaipur try some and tell us what you think.

Conclusions on Udaipur

Udaipur with its many lakes is a romantic city. That it’s a must to walk calmly and revel in its views.

Before visiting a tourist attraction, see if it coincides with the dates of other Indian festivals. As it will greatly affect the quality of your trip.

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