What to see in Khajuraho besides the Kamasutra Temples

Khajuraho is one of those sites that are worth visiting, not only for its famous Kamasutra Temples. Here, we will try to provide you information about what to see in Khajuraho. It is full of sculptures, representing, many of them, scenes of great eroticism. But for being a very green area, surrounded by rivers and waterfalls and for how incredibly careful he is.


It is located in the state of Madhya Pradesh. And although until a few years ago it took many hours to get there. It is now increasingly accessible.


Due to the great influence of tourists, in addition to flights from Delhi, we can choose a direct train line from Agra, recently launched in March 2009. In my opinion, traveling by train is the most comfortable of the economic options, since we can sleep while traveling, which means saving a hotel night, and also resting.

Keep in mind, that the train station is a bit far. But if they are not going to look for us from the hotel. They will offer us rickshaws and taxis on arrival, as in all stations in India.


To see Khajuraho. It can also be reached by bus from Jhansi or Orchha.

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The famous temples that the city boasts of, the Temples of the West, were built between 950 and 1050, in what is today a very clean and well-kept garden area, in which we should not miss the sunset.

However, these beautiful gardens until not many years ago were a jungle. And the temples were in a remote place, which is why they have been able to resist all these years. Despite the massive attacks by the Mughal empire in the country.

Originally, they had built eighty temples, of which only twenty-five remain, but all of them of great beauty. In them, we can contemplate the union of the divine and the human, and the sensual is used as the path of the spiritual; The act of love is considered as something cosmic, something that makes us understand even more the beauty of the world.

But in reality, there are many theories as to why the temples were decorated with erotic figures. Some speak of homage to the marriage of Shiva and Parvati. Others see it as an educational method to teach the younger people the Kamasutra. Or that the lovers served as protection against evil spirits.


In this group of temples, we can find the Varaha Temple, with a figure of the god Vishnu, the Temple of Matangesvara, dedicated to Shiva.

And in which we can attend one of the rites of the Hindu religion, the Puya, the Temple of Laksmana, the Temple of Kandariya, the most spectacular of all and the Temple of Visnatha, which contains some of the best-preserved sculptures inside.

At night, they make a show in which they illuminate the temples of different colors, while they tell you the history of the temples and how they have resisted over time. There are passes in English and Hindi.


The temples in the East are three Hindu and three Jain temples, although much smaller than those in the West, among which the Parsvanatha Temple stands out, which has few erotic sculptures, but impressive female figures representing everyday scenes, such as putting on makeup or touching instruments.


In the South group, we can see the Temple of Duladeo. Also in a quiet pleasant enclave and the Temple of Chaturbhuja, with an impressive statue of Vishnu three meters high.

If we visit the city during the spring, we will be able to attend the dance festival. In which the best dancers in the country teach us the classical dances that are based in Hindu temples.

The truth is that as a tourist it is appreciated. That they make a great effort to promote the heritage of the city, not only with good conservation and cleaning of both the temples. And the enclosure but with all this type of shows and activities that we have just comment.


In addition to the temples, we can spend a pleasant day eating at the Pandavas waterfall. It is 30 km away. from Khajuraho, or in Panna National Park.

And I end by saying that my stay here was full of fun (a few beers and a dip in the river), of tranquility (despite the fact that the commission agents are the most insistent in India, it is not a very busy city). And a great sunset enjoying the wonderful architecture and sculpture of its medieval temples. I hope everyone who goes will enjoy it, at least as much as I did.

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