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What to see in Jodhpur: The Blue Pearl of Rajasthan

Jodhpur, the blue city or as we like to call it the blue pearl of Rajasthan. This is one of those places that is hard to forget. Do you want to know not only what to see and do in Jodhpur? But all our recommendations about visiting it? We invite you to join us on this journey.

For us, Jodhpur is one of the obligatory stops for all those travelers. Those are visiting the north of the country and one of the queen cities of Rajasthan. To stop in it is to be amazed by its great strength. Its people and, above all, its alleys tinged with its characteristic color.

How to get to Jodhpur from Jaipur

The first thing to know about this Rajasthan triangle city. Even before you know what to see and do in Jodhpur. And how to get there. Transportation to get to the blue pearl of Rajasthan will depend on the Indian city you come from. And the style of travel you have decided to take to get to know India, as well as the budget. Based on all these parameters you will choose one method or another.

We are going to tell you, How you can do Jaipur – Jodhpur tour

Airplane. This is always the most comfortable means of transport, but also the most expensive. But in the case of a trip as short as Jaipur – Jodhpur. We would not recommend it for the simple fact that there are no direct flights. So the trip takes just over 6 hours. Anyway, you can consider it. All national companies make this journey and the price is around $ 60 per person.

Private car. Going by private car or with a driver is another of the most common options for travelers. And with this, they can more places to see in Rajasthan. Since it is very comfortable and the distances are short between cities. Also, if the price is well negotiated, it can be very good for an average travel budget.
Bus. The bus is another option to consider. The journey can take between 6 and 7 hours, and the price is around Rs 400.00 per person ($ 5.61). There are many companies that make this journey and at different times.

Train. This is the king transport of India and also the most used to make this journey Jaipur – Jodhpur. And the one we choose to cover this distance! Below we tell you more.

How to get from Jaipur to Jodhpur by train

We will not tire of emphasizing that the train is the means of transport par excellence in India , the most used by all its inhabitants. And we consider that any traveler who travels the country should be obliged to make one of the train journeys, because it is in itself an authentic experience. What is seen, felt and lived in train carriages cannot be explained in words or images.

Returning to the practical topic of how to get from Jaipur to Jodhpur by train, you should know that the duration of the trip is about 6h and 25 minutes . Although it is true that the duration is something very relative, and you have to count on almost certain delays in your travel planning . Since in 80% of cases you will have some delay.

The price of the second class ticket is around INR 246.00 (€ 3.11) per person approximately. It is the middle class and you have to know that there are cheaper tickets, but also more expensive.

As the topic of traveling by train in India makes it possible to write a much longer post than this, we have decided to dedicate a particular article to this topic in the section of India. Very soon we will bring you all the advice on how to travel by train in this country.

What to see and do in Jodhpur

Once we are in Jodhpur, it is time to discover this city and know why they call it the blue pearl of Rajasthan or the blue city of India. Do you want to visit the most emblematic places of Jodhpur with us? Ready, because our route of what to see and do in Jodhpur begins .

Jaswanth Thada

We begin to discover Jodhpur by its highest part, knowing the buildings that reign its hill. We started the route visiting Jaswanth Thada , a spectacular white marble mausoleum, which the locals have named the Taj Mahal of Jodhpur .

The site is beautiful because it is at the top of the mountain, with a lake and vegetation around it, in a very quiet place, which gives it that bucolic air. We also went in the morning and toured it practically alone.

Hours: 9am to 6pm.

Price: INR 50.00 (€ 0.63).

Panoramic views of Jodhpur

At the exit of this set of cenotaphs there is an esplanade with impressive views of the entire city of Jodhpur from above . Below the blue city and to the right the great fortress that seems to be there observing the city. We invite you to sit up there and contemplate this image for a while, we even believe that it can be an ideal point to see the sunset.

Mehrangarh Fort

Right next to the Jaswanth Thada Mausoleum is Jodhpur’s quintessential tourist attraction: Mehrangarh Fort . An impressive fortress that seems to be taken from another time or from Game of Thrones. It already imposes from the outside, but inside it is also full of secrets and history.

The best thing of all is that with the price of the entrance an audio guide is included in the language that you choose, which will guide you during the visit and telling all those secrets that we anticipated. They will ask you to leave a deposit or a passport or money, which will be returned to you once you finish the visit. We recommend that you bring some cash, never leave your passport as a currency!

The tour of the interior of this fort will take you at least 2 hours and if you like to see things calmly and take many photographs, like us, it will take you even more. So save yourselves one morning only for these two visits that we have already told you about. They are one of the most important sites on a route to see and do in Jodhpur .

Hours: 9am to 5pm

Price: INR 600.00 (€ 7.60) per person

It is time to go down to the center of Jodhpur to get lost among its most chaotic and charming streets.

Clock Tower / Ghanta Gar

And if we talk about the center of this city, we have to start the tour of its nerve center: the Clock Tower or Ghanta Gar . A large tower crowned by a clock located right in the heart of the city. When you see this tower you will know that you are in the center of Jodhpur. You have no loss!

Around this tower there are hundreds of stalls and shops for handicrafts, groceries, clothes … Here are the shopping streets of Jodhpur! And as soon as you cross it, you appear in the Sardar market.

Sadar Market

This is the best known local market in central Jodhpur. Alive from first to last hour of the day. You will lose yourself in this market among its food stalls, others of local clothing and handicrafts… Here it is best to observe how the life of the locals goes by.

Stepwell / Toorji Ka Jhalra Bavdi

Very close to this central area, about a 5 minute walk, you can go to the most beautiful and well-known step well in Jodhpur.

Surely you will have seen images of India of this type of water well with stairs around it. All a hallmark of the country’s architecture. If you have not seen any during your trip through India, it is a good time to see it up close. What is there to do there? The activity is as easy as sitting quietly and watching the life of the locals here. You will almost certainly meet young people bathing in the well water, having fun and having a good time.

And if you feel like it, you can take the opportunity to have or eat something in a super cool café right in front of it called Stepwell Café . The cafeteria has glass windows and direct views of the well.

Historic center of Jodhpur

An almost compulsory subject in any city should be to get lost in the streets of the old town. And in the blue pearl wandering aimlessly through its central alleys is a must- see in Jodhpur. It is the most beautiful and cheapest activity, because it is also free.

We recommend that you cover the entire area of the map from almost the Sardar market to the lower part of the Mehrangarh fort. On this tour is where you will marvel at how beautiful this blue city is since it is the route on which all the blue houses that make this city unique in all of India are located. Prepare for losing and not stop taking pictures. Photos at every corner, at every door, at every alley …

Guided tour to see Jodhpur

If you have time and you feel like it, we always encourage you to sign up for a free tour in each city. We believe that it is a way of seeing and knowing the sites in a different way and with another point of view. Does anyone else like free tours? Well, if so, why not make one in the blue pearl.

How to get around to see Jodhpur?

Jodhpur is a city that has a very concentrated historical center and that is why touring it is really easy. If your accommodation is located in the heart, we would dare to say that you can practically visit all the places that we have mentioned in the previous point, what to see and do in Jodhpur , walking comfortably. Perhaps the furthest places are the fort and the mausoleum, but both can be easily reached on foot.

Now, if your accommodation is far from the center of Jodhpur, as was our case, the best way to move from one place to another is by tuk tuk or rickshaw . The price of the routes will always depend, as in almost all of Asia, on how good you are haggling. For example, we managed to close the services of a tukero tuk for a whole day in Jodhpur for INR 500.00 (€ 6.35) . Including the trips to and from the hotel, which as we mentioned was about 10 minutes from the center.

Accommodation. Where to stay in Jodhpur?

Jodhpur being one of the key cities and most visited in Rajasthan, has a wide variety of hotels. That is why it is easy to find accommodation that adapts to the needs and tastes of each traveler: luxury hotels, boutique hotels, hostels … So the best thing is to do a good market study and choose the accommodation that best suits our style of travel. and budget.

As we always do, we are going to recommend the accommodation that we choose to spend our days in Jodhpur: The Almond Tree. An excellent Bed & Breakfast. We could say that it is the best accommodation we stayed in during our 22 days of traveling in India. So we highly recommend it! It is a 10 in every way: cleanliness, the comfort of its rooms and facilities, delicious breakfast included, transfer services, Wi-Fi, air conditioning …

If you want to know more about The Almond Tree visit the post that we have exclusively about our accommodation in India. There we tell you why it is perfect, with images included.

Where to eat in Jodhpur?

The time has come to put flavor to this post and in the blue pearl, we can also give you some recommendations. Where to eat or even where to have a drink in Jodhpur:

Please indicate. This is one of the best restaurants in the historic center of Jodhpur. And it has a rooftop terrace with beautiful views of the city, especially at night they say it is wonderful. The price is not cheap, but to treat yourself one night, we think it is worth i

Sparrows Pizzeria

If you fancy a day away from the more local food, a pizza is always a good option. And looking on Tripadvisor we found the recommendation of this pizzeria that was also on our way to our accommodation. So it was perfect for us to make a stop. It is a very modern establishment, with young people and where you can eat delicious pizzas. We paid two drinks and two pizzas for a total of INR 462.00 (€ 5.87).

Stepwell Cafe

This cafeteria is very modern and very cool. We have already recommended it to you in one of the places to see and do in Jodhpur because it is located right in front of the Toorji Ka Jhalra Bavdi. The best thing is that it has direct views of it and it can be a good place to rest for a while, have a drink or even snack on your menu. We went in the afternoon and ordered a couple of sodas, because the heat outside was unbearable, and we paid INR 140.00 (€ 1.78) for them.

We don’t have any more foodie recommendations for you in Jodhpur because we did almost every dinner at The Almond Tree Hotel. There was a delicious home-cooked Indian dinner menu, really exquisite and for just INR 650.00 (€ 8.26) both. Look what he paints! We dined there like kings!

Tips to see Jodhpur

You already know that we like to end this type of post with a final point in which we summarize those recommendations that we believe are most important. Here are the ones from Jodhpur:

How many days to be Jodhpur is a city that has few tourist spots to see and also all very close to each other. So if you are in a hurry on your itinerary, you can always see the city in just one day. Although our recommendation is to dedicate two if you want to be calmer and enjoy visiting the city in another way.

Clothes. Do not forget what country you are in and although the heat is unbearable, up to 40 degrees as it happened to us, women wear long pants or knee-high. Also don’t go out with your shoulders in the air and if you do, always wear a foulard with you just in case.

So far our mini-guide on the blue pearl of Rajasthan. We hope you have taken a good note of everything: what to see and do in Jodhpur, how to move, where to sleep… Prepare to return home with many images of the blue city, because its charm will surely win you over!

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