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What to see in Bundi in 1 day

Our arrival in Bundi was the most “violent” experience we had in all of India. Without getting involved, we did fear for the physical integrity of Surender, our driver. In this post, we will tell you what to see in 01 days in Bundi.

We came from visiting the Chittorgarh Fort, on a bad road, avoiding the highway. And after several hours of driving behind us. It was already night.

What to see in Bundi
Fort view from Nawal Sagar Lake

Just as we were driving through a small village a few minutes from Bundi. Surender loudly called for a “Jeep” car, stopped on the road, to turn off the lights as they were dazzling him.

3 or 4 minutes passed, and we saw how that same car was parallel to us. While the co-pilot signaled for us to slow down. Once slowed, with a semi-skid, he got in front of us, blocking the path and causing Surender to brake. Like a Hollywood Bollywood movie.

In a hurry and screaming, 3 men got out of the car. Surender locked all the doors and rolled up the windows. The men tried to open the doors several times, while arguing very aggressively with Surender, us, sitting behind, heartbroken. The scene lasted several minutes until neighbors from the town arrived. And after Surender apologized several times, they let us continue on our way.

Surender himself did not give us a clear explanation. But our theory was Surender disrespected them by asking them to pay for car lights. And until he apologized several times in English for us to know (symbol of humiliation). He did not know. they were calm.

Internet problems in Bundi

As soon as we entered the city, we lost all coverage on our mobile . Both for calls and mobile data.

All due to the conflict that existed and exists between Muslims and Hindus over a temple. That is what we live, but if you go to the city, it is possible that you will encounter any other conflict that may pose a problem with Internet access. So it is better to be proactive.

What to see in Bundi in 1 day

We arrived very late at night, and after leaving our bags at the hotel, we went out into the street to stretch our legs, get to know the quieter face of the city, and of course, have dinner.

After a long and pleasant walk through its streets, we arrived at a restaurant called Tom and Jerry, an “Italian”, and I put it in quotation marks since even if it is pasta or pizzas, they are very Indian. We ordered 2 pizzas and a portion of fries and it cost 600 rupees. After eating we back to our hotel and we went to sleep.

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Bundi Palace and Taragarh Fort

As we already knew the area, because we were wandering around the night before, and that the distances were not too great, we arrived at the Palace on foot.

We buy the ticket for 200 rupees/person, plus 100 rupees from the camera. We enter. Once inside, we began to realize what the visit would bring us.

A place with a lot of history, but totally abandoned, left by the hand of God is, and little care. And, there were not even locals at the entrance offering to be guided. Something very common in all tourist visits in the country.

As soon as we entered the fort, we spent a few minutes to observe the city and its blue houses from the top of the mountain, although we did not know that from the Fort (much higher), we would have an even better perspective:

But let’s go back to the Palace. It was totally empty, without tourists or locals, abandoned, with weeds growing in any corner, and with some walls about to collapse.

A strange feeling, since history was breathed in every corner , despite its current state of preservation.

We continued to move up its stairs, and desolate ramps, until we found one of the guardians who offered to open (with a key) one of the most beautiful rooms of the Palace, full of paintings that recreated the wars lived by the Maharajah, in addition to the gods and their adventures:

At the top of the Palace, we find the gardens, the »floating garden». This part was well cared for, totally green, watered gardens, full of life with its central fountain and where animals (squirrels, birds and even monkeys) enjoyed the surroundings.

Bundi Floating Garden

Spectacular contrast. We sat down to enjoy our surroundings.

In addition to the garden, this area has several hidden corners that are worth discovering. Of course, you will need the keys of the guard who is taking care of and guarding the area.

We finished seeing the Palace, we went down, and we headed towards the Fort, the hardest and steepest slope of all.

If the Bundi Palace was abandoned, the Fort was from another plan or century. Areas that were totally unrecognizable, stairs where steps were missing and that we had to jump to continue moving, animal manure everywhere. Of course, I doubt that in 1607, the year of construction of the Fort, it was much better than now.

If we continue advancing we can reach any of the three large water tanks that were used to supply the Palace.

As a tip , beware of monkeys! better to take any branch or stick you find in the area, just in case …

Stroll through Bundi

Strolling through any city in India is always a plan. But Bundi is special, and that the city is not a big deal. For that very reason. To have time to stop to know and observe the premises, how they live, what they do, how the children play, etc.

Walking, you can go anywhere in the city center, without the need for Tuk-tuk, in fact, there is hardly any. The traffic is not overwhelming, and it is not a city too large, the incentive is still not too touristy.

Other things to see in Bundi

List of things that I did not have time to see in Bundi, being less than 1 day, but that if you go longer, you cannot miss:

1. Bhimlat Waterfall
2. Baoris
3. Nawal Sagar Lake

In conclusion, I would say that it is not worth spending more than 2 days in Bundi. Perhaps 1 day is more than enough, especially if you go just in time on your trip to India.

Useful info

Basic information to complete your adventure in Bundi:

We stayed at the Hotel Bundi Haveli, a classic for tourists. One of the best hotels in our Rajasthan adventure. We only stayed one night, but enough to rest without any worry, and shower the next day with hot water, in addition to having breakfast included.

As you can see in the photo, it has, in addition to all the comforts of European hotels, the charm of Indian hotels.

How to get to Bundi

If you go with a private driver to see Bundi, it is simply a matter of time. From almost anywhere in central India, after a few hours on the road, you will arrive. The best-communicated cities are Jaipur, Udaipur and Ajmer.

If instead you want to go by bus , the best and closest option is Ajmer. For 120 rupees and 5 hours by bus, you will arrive in Bundi.

We were less than 1 day in Bundi since in the afternoon we had to return to Jaipur to catch a flight to Varanasi the next morning. Our adventure in Bundi was ending. In our next blog we will share our experence about Varanasi Guide.

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