Uncrowded Tourist Destinations visit during COVID-19

This year, When the pandemic due to COVID-19 has completely transformed our way of conceiving routine, work and travel. As per India Magical Trip, we share with you those uncrowded tourist destinations. Those are few overcrowded tourists in which to return to start to regain inspiration.

COVID-19 is still expanding throughout the world. Although some countries are already preparing to start their de-escalation with their eyes fixed on the tourist horizon. A new stage in which there are many doubts raised and the processes to be carried out.

Although they all agree on the same priority: maintaining health security in each of the existing sectors, including travel.

Hence, many hotels have already applied their COVID-Free protocol following the guidelines of the World Health Organization. Airlines rethink the reinvention of their routes and infrastructures. And governments apply different measures to safeguard the health of both travelers and local people.

A base to which many other priorities are added: a greater tendency to sustainable tourism. The obligation to maintain the safety distance between some tourists and others. But, especially, to find in the vastness of certain destinations the balm to restart. To inspire the nuances of new adventures that incite a restart.

Desires that find in these next a few overcrowded tourist destinations the best list to continue dreaming.


If there is a country that perfectly represents the different triumphs of tourism, that is undoubtedly Bhutan. Considered one of the most isolated nations in the world, (curiously, between the borders of two giants like India and China).

The happiest country in the world is not only the only one on the planet with a negative carbon footprint. But has become one of those who has best known how to face the health crisis due to COVID-19. In fact, Bhutan has not registered any deaths due to the virus. This being its main asset to inspire the necessary confidence in the imminent post-pandemic visits.

A framework that, in turn, draws the ideal destination to feel exclusive, totally removed from the world. It is enough to explore the valleys of Paro and Timbu. They discover the natural essence of one of the greenest countries on the planet.

Those are connected with the solitude of its dzongs, or Bhutanese temples. There is only the noise of the wind sighing between the windows. As a cherry, there is nothing better than ascending to the Tiger’s Nest. The country’s main icon, in whose depths the Buddhism that today blesses this magical and epic land was born.


Eclipsed at the tourist level by other neighboring states such as the mythical Rajasthan, Gujarat. Awakens the new traveler by forming a mosaic where all the contrasts of India fit. From the traces of the history of Ahmedabad.

The only Unesco heritage city of India and place from the birth of Mahatma Gandhi. And to the splendor of the staggered wells of Rani ki vav or the Asian lions of the Gir Forest. Those are passing through an ecosystem as secret as it is full of possibilities.

The Rann of Kutch, a salt desert whose tides dance so much with the vagaries of nature like the moon. With the traveler who plans a day of glamping in the middle of this white universe.


A famous paradise where they exist. The Maldives has more than 2000 islands where the possibilities are as tiny as its blues. In addition to the numerous measures applied by the Maldivian government regarding its imminent opening to tourism.

The Indian Eden displays numerous options such as the Baros Maldives resort. This resort considered the ” Most Romantic Resort in the Indian Ocean ” on more than one occasion. And Kani Maldives, ideal for staying with children without fear of overcrowding. Especially when “privacy” could be considered as the middle name of Maldives.

Jaffna ( Sri Lanka )

After the recent inauguration of the Jaffna airport. The unknown north of Sri Lanka abandons the whispers of the 23-year civil war to offer travelers. Now as safe as they are fascinating experiences with uncrowded tourist destinations.

A canvas where the presence of colorful temples. Such as Nallur Kandaswamy Temple, faithful heir to the architectural influences of South India. It contrasts with the Dutch echoes of Delft Island. And the markets where you can find what is considered the best mango in the world. Of course, better with extra chili.

Sarawak (Malaysia)

One of the two Malaysian states located on the island of Borneo (the other is the heavenly Sabah ). Sarawak delights tourists with a roster of experiences that reinvent Asia we dream of. One where cultural relics are intertwined with unique natural paradises.

You only have to go into the capital, Kuching. To savor the tranquility that its streets offer and connect with the sighting of orangutans in the nearby jungles. From here, it depends on your sense of adventure, your ability to lose yourself in rivers crossed by carnivorous plants. Delve into the iconic communal houses of native tribes, or lose yourself in national parks. like Bako.

If you want some more movement and beach, you can always go to neighboring Sabah.

Mekong Delta (Vietnam)

When we think of southern Vietnam. Specifically, the Mekong Delta, the typical boat itineraries in coconut groves and floating markets come to mind. However, beyond Can Tho and My Tho, main tourist accesses from Ho Chi Minh City. There is a whole orchard of possibilities.

A land furrowed by the hundreds of channels of the Mekong River. Where you can visit unknown markets, cycle through eternal banana plantations. And visit bird reserves such as Tra Su or approach the confines of the delta. In Ca Mau, to regain strength before jumping to Phu Quoc, the Vietnamese Caribbean.

In addition, you can always consult all the details about each of these uncrowded tourist destinations. You can following the link about coronavirus travel updates.

If you are looking to disconnect in every way during your trip to India. Or another of our destinations, do not hesitate to contact us.

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