Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The Spectacular Udaipur Palace at Night

Udaipur is also called the White City and this beautiful city with a very rich royal heritage history.  This is the first city I visited in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Out of the other major cities in Rajasthan including Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur etc. I personally loved this city the most due to several reasons.

The City Palace of the Mewar Kingdom is the most important place to visit during your trip to this historical Mewar kingdom. Now the entire palace complex, the adjoined smaller palaces, vintage remains etc. are all maintained and owned by a Trust. For visitors, Udaipur Palace managed by HRH Group of Hotels and operating several options to enjoy the regal experience.

After visits to several amazing places in Udaipur and monuments basking in the glory of the Mewar history, I settled down at a cafe managed by the HRH group right in the middle of the Heritage palace. From here I was able to catch a spectacular glimpse of the Lake Palace, The Jagmandir Palace and The main city palace (by my side) and the Lake Pichola in the front.

Udaipur Palace in late night

The late evening atmosphere was literally filled with thousands of giant black bats of lightning. Which is filled with clouds wrapped in the sunset and the cool breeze of the evening. The restaurant had just enough crowd taking us back to the olden days of glory with the palace in front of me lit up like a golden lamp. Below are some pictures that can give a clue of what the experience was like. If you are in Udaipur, never miss this ambiance and place during this time of the day.

The night sky at Udaipur city palace restaurant and cafe where thousands of bats blanket the evening sky. This is a beautiful scene during the sunset time at Udaipur.

The City Palace lit up at night was a spectacular scene showing the massive palace structure during the night time. There were hundreds of beautiful electric lamps bordering the palace walls along the lake Pichola. Which makes the entire scene really beautiful and electric during the sunset time.

The Beauty of the Palace walls and buildings are kept the same way without modern-day painting. Which really gives the palace a golden look while shining in the lights bordering the same in the night sky.

Coffee shop near Lake Pichola

This is my personal favorite image/photo clicked during the night at the cafe outside. Udaipur palace walls on the edge of Lake Pichola. There was enough crowd and people lazying with a sip of Rajasthani Chai and food and overlooking the Lake and the palace surrounding the same.

Center of lake Pichola this lake palace situated. It was the summer lake palace for the Mewar Royal family. In Udaipur this hotel is given spectacular lighting to make it stand out from anywhere as a glow in the center of the Lake. The Beauty of the Palace walls and buildings are kept the same way without modern-day painting. Which really gives the palace a golden look while shining in the lights bordering the same in the night sky.

The Udaipur City main palace entrance during the night looks more spectacular than it looks in the night time with the perfect lighting lining the marvel. The front side of the Palace during night time is a treat to the eyes!

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