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5 Top Travel Tips and Tricks

You might have seen my traveling with both serious and then you might already know a couple of the top travel tips and tricks. Nevertheless, I wanted to write a blog for you with my top 5 tips and tricks for traveling to India or any other country.

Packing your stuff like a pro

Starting with packing, I’m far from home being a master in the one bag travel philosophy. But the trick that I found to minimize off the stuff that I think I need to pack. Is to put everything that I want to pack on the ground in front of me.

Pro tip – if you’re packing gear and organized it all out very neatly in front of you. That gives you a very nice picture for Instagram by the way.

As soon as I lay everything in front of me, I can actually evaluate what I want to pack or maybe what I have forgotten and usually I’m able to minimize off the stuff by about thirty percent. Furthermore, it is a good idea to pack insets of outfits or if you’re not too much into color stand have black, gray or just white t-shirts as they basically mix and match with almost anything.

Stay Hydrated – Stay Healthy – Stay Sane

Use Nasal Spray 

Another top travel tips are when you’re traveling by plane or train for instance your body is submitted to a certain degree of stress. The dry climate inside the plane because of the air-condition or loud noises for instance, so I find it very important to take care of yourself while you’re traveling dry nose and therefore a dry respiratory system is more vulnerable to infection for instance. Especially if someone were to cold sits next to you or behind you, therefore I use a nasal spray with sea salt water once in a while during the long flight.

Use Sun Glasses for longer Flights

In addition to that, I am wearing contact lenses for longer flights I will opt to wear my glasses. Nevertheless, I would use some eye drops to moisture in my eyes during the flight, but more importantly, you need to stay hydrated. In the airport water is usually expensive, so I usually take an empty water bottle with me and fill it up with tap water after the TSA check but it is important to check, if the tap water in the country that you’re traveling to is good to drink if you’re not sure about it you can take one of those water bottles with the filter in it so this was about staying healthy and staying hydrated.

Use earbuds for noise cancelation during travel

Then next is how to stay sane inside planes or trains it is usually quite loud it’s either due to the engine noise or due to loud people, therefore I usually pack some noise-canceling headphones. I usually pack my Bose qc25 but as you can see these are quite big but they are very comfortable on a long flight. If I need something with a smaller footprint, I take this advanced sound 747 noise-canceling earbuds.

As you can see they are smaller and compared to the Bose qc25. They take away almost no space inside your backpack and the noise-canceling feature it’s not quite as good as the Bose.

It obviously as they are smaller but they are still good enough to keep all of the engine noise or the air-conditioning noise away. Furthermore, I would recommend packing some earplugs. I like to sleep with an open window and you never know how loud the street in front of the hotel room. Might be therefore earplugs might save your life.


I always recommend developing some sort of situational awareness. Of course, this is not a foolproof measurement against pickpockets for instance. But I usually carry multiple means of payment in different places and even different wallets. In other words, I store some cash and a credit card in my wallet. But some more cash and maybe another credit card in another place.

Use Bell Roy passport wallet

If you have a passport for instance and this bell Roy passport wallet are useful for your travel. Then I just store some more cash and maybe another credit card inside this passport wallet and store that in another place. Another tip for this wallet, If you happen to know that you are going to in some kind of crowded place. Then it is a good idea to store some loose cash inside your front pocket for instance. So if you might get mugged when you could just give out the loose cash inside your front pocket instead of your wallet the other way around. Then you might still have some cash to get back safely to your hotel.

But whether you put your passport and your other cash – The solution is Gaffers tape and the zip lock bag. I usually have some gaffers tape rolled on a pan and inside my back wherever I go. So in the hotel room, I take my passport and the extra cash and put it in the zip lock bag.

Then I used to get this tape to hide the bag in a secure and hidden place that may be underneath draw or underneath the sink. For instance. usually, a thief will just break into the room scan it and take the first thing or the easiest thing that he can grab and then just leave the room. so he won’t look underneath the drawer or underneath the sink. Okay, maybe if you’re a spy or James Bond.

Security Check (TSA)

Speaking of safety, if you’re traveling by plane then you will need to get through the security check and if you’re traveling with a lot of gear like me chances are pretty high that they will check everything inside your bag.

I have written a blog about all the pouches and packing cubes that are used on a day to day basis and to sum all that packing inside cubes seemed a little bit excessive. But in this case, it is actually quite beneficial.

If you’re traveling with a lot of gear, then it might be a good idea to pack all the stuff that might be suspicious on an x-ray e.g. Metal hard drives with a lot of cables or Battery Banks with a lot of cables inside one cube. So, before you send all of your stuff through the x-ray it might be a good idea just to take out that one pouch with all the suspicious stuff. And send it through the x-ray separately. You need to admit a bunch of cables battery banks and metal hard drives crammed together inside the backpack. Might look a little bit suspicious in an x-ray.

Food and Drinks

When you’re traveling you sometimes just don’t know where to eat or maybe you are just plain hungry when you are flying inside the airplane or in the hotel room and all the stuff in the minibus just way too expensive. Therefore, I usually pack some snacks like cookies or nuts or some energy bars. Energy bars have a very small footprint inside your backpack but lots of calories and lots of energy like the name suggests to satisfy your hunger.

Earlier I told you that, I always carry a water bottle as a minibar inside the hotel room is quite expensive and maybe sometimes you want to drink something else with a little bit more taste. Therefore, I usually pack another bottle with some syrup in it. At the moment I prefer elderflower syrup so in the office or in the hotel room or while I’m traveling, I just fill up the water bottle with some water add some syrup to it and then have a refreshing drink with me without spending too much money.

So, in conclusion, these were my quick 5 top travel tips. I know there are probably many more tips and tricks for traveling. So let me know in the comment section below what are your tips and tricks when you’re traveling. Furthermore if you have any other questions also post them in the comment section below. And if you enjoyed this blog share it with your family and friends and please feel free to follow me on social media, so you won’t miss the next updates thank you.

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