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My Top 10 Tech Travel Tips 2020

My job involves tech-related like photo and video production and being on the road for about half of every year. So that means, we travel a lot but in all those miles we’ve racked up. I’ve learned many lessons some of them the hard way. So, today I’ll give you my top 10 tech travel tips.

Put your phone low power mode

Especially if you’re into technology like the very first thing starts on my phone. Before we’ve even left the house. I make sure to turn it into low-power mode just to conserve as much battery as possible. I leave it on for basically the whole trip this is gonna be a theme.

A lot of these tips revolve around electricity and keeping it flowing in the right direction.

Actually a new feature in iOS 13 (iPhone) similar to low-power mode there is now low data mode. It actually depends on developers to tell the apps that like look you might be on roaming right now.

So, useless data it’s not fully implemented yet. But, in the future, and it could have a big impact on your phone bill.

Take pictures of your basic documents

Another simple one you probably heard this before. But is taking pictures of your basic documents in case you lose them while you’re on the road. Again, really help you get out of a tight spot now.

Your phone might be a good camera

When it comes to cameras – A beginner mistake I still see happen all the time. People buy little action cams you know there’s a whole bunch of different brands out there. I don’t want to tell you names.

They’re great cameras especially if you want to take them underwater or they might get destroyed. But you know what’s a better camera probably your phone. Only do you have something extra you need to charge all the time. And different memory cards to manage and all this stuff.

But most of these camera shave effectively fisheye lenses very distorted not super flattering. Honestly, it makes way more sense to just bring your phone. And shoot most things on that the quality is at least as good.

Another travel tips is Pack a tech Go-Bag

If you travel even a couple of times in any place. I think it’s very worthwhile to also get a little accessory kit that has just always packed. It has whatever essentials that you will need.

When you’re on the go just duplicate copies, so when you’re trying to pack for a vacation.

Multi-port USB charger 

So now in my top 10 tech travel tips this tech most important thing, you can keep in this bag charging cables but I do have some specific recommendations for it. First of all, make sure that it has more than one outlet. I mean right here, I’ve got six hopefully that’s more than you need.

But at a minimum make sure that you’re able to charge your phone and anyone else’s phone. That you have with you overnight all at the same time. You don’t want to be trading off and wake up so that only one of the phones is charged. And that you have a cable to charge your batteries as well.

Then when you’re shopping for a USB charger like this. I highly recommend getting one that has a cable because if there are limited outlets in the room. And this just had the prongs coming out of it. You may not be able to fit this whole thing into the wall.

With whatever else is plugged in so this cable always allows you to have space in the plug. I hope I explain that right

If you’re like me using a computer that only has USB. See you are probably carrying around a dongle that looks something like this picture. It works great you still need it you’ve probably already got one.

But I very highly recommend that you go and purchase a bunch of these basic actual USB C cables.

Because they probably didn’t come with whatever your product is like this card reader. It just came with a normal USB a cable but for like five dollars. I can replace it with one that goes to USB C and now I don’t need the dongle. I try to avoid the dongle tall costs no one likes a dongle.

Back Up your photos

Now we’ll talk about backup for your photos. So back up photo, backup video, the key thing that you need to do. Whether or not you’re shooting professionally is backup while you are there.

This is a mistake I’ve seen so many times the best exhibit this isn’t you; I know you didn’t do this. But I do there are some family friends that I know.

We’re traveling I think they’re in Germany and they had all of their family photos on their camera not just from that trip. But from the past like two years they just kept the memory card in the camera and kept shooting.

And then the camera, of course, was lost that’s kind of a worst-case scenario. I mean they didn’t have any backup.

You’re probably not doing that but I just I’d that reminds me there are people out there. That are just keeping their photos only in one place a lot of the time it’s on their phone.

That’s like the one place that you keep them and you think they’re safe. But you know what they’re not you really could lose your phone at any time.

So, what we do anyway is we bring multiple drives with us. And we keep them in sync during the trip.

We make sure that both of them are backed up before we empty any memory cards. If you are just shooting on your phone make sure that it’s either backing up online automatically. Or that you are syncing it to your computer or something. Just make sure there’s a second copy before you come home.

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Use a VPN on public Wi-Fi

One thing when you’re browsing the internet online that you should do and sometimes, I forget to do. Is use a VPN. When you’re accessing the Internet it’s a bad habit of mine.

NOT to log on. Because there is always a chance that somebody could be accessing your computer through unsecured Wi-Fi networks. There are many ways for them to get in. So when you are traveling on other people’s networks get a VPN.

You should probably pay for one because free ones I mean I wouldn’t trust them either. It’s worth it to keep your data secure.

Don’t bring the Tripod on trip

Another travel tip of what you should not do. Just don’t bring the tripod maybe you’re a YouTuber reading this or like a professional photographer. You’re doing real actual work. But you know what we do real photography work on the road.

A lot of days of the year and honestly never have a tripod with us. But even smaller foldable ones you rarely need it. I see people all the time taking photos in broad daylight just still photos and they’re using a tripod. I don’t understand why at all the photos are going to come out sharp.

Even if you’re shooting in lower light like sunrise, sunset it’s gonna work out fine.

This is a lot of extra weight in your luggage just leave it at home. If you can but if you really must you know you can bring one of the little ones.

Four-wheel Luggage

Now it’s the luggage advice. First of all, I’m still shocked that I ever see anybody that isn’t using a four-wheel piece of luggage.

You guys are crazy, the way we usually travel will have two small carry-on pieces of luggage. In two large larger than this piece and that’s how we go everywhere. We couldn’t manage all that stuff if it wasn’t on four wheels. The point is that you can roll it, you can take it one-handed, you don’t need to leave. I mean everything about four wheels is just necessary.

I could never go back and also everybody gets basically the exact same luggage.

When you’re picking up your legs. You might notice most of it is just the same soft black pieces of luggage. That all looks completely identical get something that you can identify. I mean have some kind of bright color that kind of help. to spot your luggage at a mile away.

You can do anything just something so that in one quick glance. You can tell it’s yours. I mean a luggage tag anything just some piece of design that you know it’s yours. Without reading the name on the luggage.

Pack a Power Bar

When you’re traveling especially in a country with different power outlets. Then you bring a little power bar that can give you more outlets to plug into this. One only has three, to be honest, we usually travel with this one so that we can plug everything in one place.

With just one wall converter so yeah I don’t have to bring like five of these. I can just find one place in the wall plug this in. Then everything can get charged out of the same place.

Obviously, you don’t overload it doesn’t put anything with a really high draw in it. Yeah essential especially if you have as much stuff to charge

Hers is my top 10 tech travel tips and now I have another tip but this is not tech-related. Rinse your clothes will you’re on your trip especially your socks, your underwear, your t-shirts. Anything that might make your other clothes smell bad. Just put them in the bathroom sink run some cold water and hang them to dry.

Or if you feel like that’s too much then just put them in a separate bag. Then your clean clothes inside your suitcase.

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