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South Delhi Bicycle Tour

Hello Guys, today I am sharing some experience with another bicycle tour with the amazing guys from Delhi. Last time I also did a tour with them but that was an Old Delhi. Today we’re going to tell you South Delhi bicycle tour as you’ve never seen it before. For more blog updates in the future make sure to follow me on social media.

Bicycle Tour with India Magical Trip

Before starting my experience about the South Delhi bicycle tour. I want to share, how I find these guys on the internet. As you saw in previous blogs, I am crazy about travel and This time I want to do some different things in India. I start my search companies on the internet for Delhi by Cycle, after visit so many company websites, I final to go with India Magical Trip these same company people you see in my other blog Old Delhi Cycle Tour. I’ve stayed in South Delhi quite a lot of times but I’ve never I think seen it. Like these guys going to show me. Even last time in Old Delhi this company people showed it to me from a whole different perspective to meet the spots. That I never even discovered myself. So I’m very excited and I hope you guys are too.

Humayun Tomb – Delhi

So, let’s start to tell you about my experience. Who comes to Delhi, expect only adventurous kors which can be found in Old Delhi. But Delhi as the capital of India and home to an estimated population of 28 million people here so many more things to offer. Today I am having a bicycle tour with this company they are taking us to explore South Delhi by bicycle. Our Delhi by bike tour starts in East Kailash where we even pass the famous monument Humayun Tomb. Then we stop there on the back door of Humayun Tomb and Sachin tell us some useful information like History about this monument then I took some pictures here, Here the streets are completely empty and they are so wide this is very very underly like and a completely different side of Delhi then you have ever seen and that I have ever seen.

Nizamuddin Dargah – Delhi

What I’m also really really enjoying is – the Delhi weather right now because it is quite cold. I am wearing a shirt but no jacket its really nice weather is so perfect. Then we continue our Delhi tour. It’s a little bit scary to get on the big roads with all the traffic. But this company guy Sachin takes great care of our safety. I just followed him to the other side and was completely fine.

Right now, 12 p.m. on a Thursday this area which we are passing right now is very crowded. But actually this is not crowded at all because we’re about to visit a very special place so usually, it is a lot more crowded over here, now Sachin explained to me about Sufi shrine. Sufi Shrine called is Nizamuddin dargah. This is the only place for Sufi followers. Then I asked him that, what is so special about the Sufis. He told me that they mostly believe in reaching their God with dancing, singing qawwali. After visit this place I actually love Sufi music. It was incredibly interesting to see a Sufi shrine for the first time.

Our tour continued through the packed streets of this hidden gem neighborhood until we reach the wide Delhi roads. Again cycling to our next stop the Delhi Art District. I am so excited, I’m seeing things I have never seen in South Delhi. Even though I usually stay here with a friend it’s really really fun to do it, Its Sure.

Art District – Lodi Colony (Delhi)

Obviously, we have to make a chai and snack stop on our way to the art district. I actually also get a chance to practice my Hindi in Chai shop. He asked me about my country in Hindi and Sachin translate his question to me in English. I told him about my country and I did some gossips with him. Obviously, after chai break which is mandatory and we really enjoyed it. But now it is time to go to the art district. After reaching Art District I felt WOWW. I don’t know about you but an art district in Delhi was the last thing I expected it’s absolutely mind-blowing. Here you can see quiet Delhi roads with humongous street artworks that were all impressive and absolutely fascinating. Delhi really never ceases to surprise you.

Lodhi Garden – Delhi

Art District visit is followed by a cycle trip to one of my favorite places in Delhi Lodi Garden. I didn’t even know it was allowed to cycle here. And my Dutch heart is absolutely Dancing with joy getting the opportunity to do this. We have reached Lodi Garden, one of the most beautiful, The most beautiful garden here in Delhi. I have been here before but never by bike and my Duchy heart is so happy right now. In case you don’t know I grew up in the Netherlands and I am Dutch officially we cycle everywhere. I haven’t been on a bicycle for such a long time, so this is just making my heart dance. And say it makes me so happy to cycle around this beautiful garden in South Delhi.

After a visit on the way Khan Market with golf-links, we have reached the end of our tour today. In case you’re curious this tour costs it is 2,150 INR (USD – 28) Sachin gives the tour. They give the tour three times a week and the tour lasts about three and a half hours. I would say its worth it because you will see a part of Delhi that you have never seen before. Even if you live in Delhi I bet I absolutely loved it. Thank you so much for reading this blog and I hope you enjoy it.

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