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Preparation before Traveling in India

The day of my departure is fast approaching, and a question bothers me; what to put in my backpack? Here is a small list of essentials to put in your suitcase for traveling in India:

 Traveling in India
Some travel tips when you traveling in India

Preparation before Traveling in India

1. YOUR INDIAN VISA: to do online or at the embassy (good luck!)

2. A small pocket in order to slip his papers and his money under his clothes. Attention in India you will be confronted with situations.

Here you will be forced to be stuck with other people (in transport in particular) thefts are common. Tourists are an easy target, beware!

You can also opt for a small padlock to put on your little bag. When you sleep on the sleeper train.

3. A large backpack to hold all your belongings: I tend to recommend the use of backpacks to that of suitcases, however, it depends on the type of trip you are about to live, in the case itinerant trips: the backpack, a marvel!

4. Medicines for intestinal disorders: even if you are a traveler who takes many precautions, many westerners fall ill in India, as much to provide the necessary medical before leaving, it is necessary to inquire near his doctor or pharmacist.

5. Mosquito repellent for infested areas: to prevent diseases that you can catch through mosquito bites, such as dengue, chikungunya for which there is no treatment or vaccine.

Packing tips about Dress

6. A “scarf” to put it on your head and protect you from the devastating desert sun! A small example:

7. Dress level (especially women but this also concerns men) BANISH SHORT AND MOULANTS CLOTHING;

Western women are perceived as very beautiful women. But also as being “easy women” do not perpetuate this prejudice and opt for discreet clothes which will allow you to blend – as well as badly – in the crowd.

It is important to understand that people have a modesty different from ours. And that they could be shocked by the fact of seeing your legs, your curves, etc … Respect the local populations, you are at home.

8. A book to occupy you in transport: in India, it is not our European TGV, they are slower, take a little reading, believe me!

9. If you go during the monsoon period, consider taking an outfit suitable for rain.

And here, I believe that I have toured the things that seem necessary to me for a trip to India without a problem.

Psychologically prepare for your trip to India

And no, this post still does not concern my trip in itself. But it seems to me necessary to list the important points that you need to know before leaving for India :

India is a dirty country (like some other countries in South East Asia), I exaggerate, some corners are clean. But some cities like New Delhi are rather polluted.

You will hardly find a trash can, as waste management is still difficult in India. If you don’t mind the smells, you will enjoy this country full of riches!

Indian culture is different from ours: respect it and try to open up to it by listening to and understanding their ideas and points of view.

Indians do not have the same modesty as us: therefore some of our clothing habits could be likely to shock them.

India is a country of men. So, don’t be surprised to see the streets mainly crowded with men.

Women are fewer and go out less.

About India Behavior

People will be insistent with your gaze: In other some countries, staring at a person will be indecent. And rather frowned upon, while in India it seems more normal.

Indians are not used to seeing strangers.

That’s why they will be interested in you. But see no harm in that! In the most remote countryside, some people have never seen Westerners.

The Indians are trying to take a picture of you: or touch you, don’t be offended.

And say no politely. And leave before it gets bigger (other Indians also come to take your picture). You are free to accept some photos, at your own risk!

Begging children: children can come and ask you for money, avoid giving them. I know it seems cruel to say no to a child in need. But to give money is to accept and participate in this unhealthy system in which parents use their children for financial gain.

Guilt: Do not feel guilty for traveling in a “poor” country and say to yourself that you participate in the local economy, favor small traders rather than big tourist companies.

The attitude to adopt during your trip to India is to open up to others.

Because this country culture totally different. From what we are used to knowing and accepting.

I understand that certain things can revolt you, while you traveling in India, such as social injustices. But you will not move the 1.3 billion people who live in India with their ancestral traditions. To accept, and enjoy all that the Indians and their country have to offer you.

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