Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Tips for online booking Hotels in India

If you are traveling within India and want to find out a good place to stay during your visit, Before online booking hotels below tips could come handy while finding a place for bed and breakfast.

Ensure to do some research prior to reaching your destination:

You should be already ready with the list of places. Which you want to surely visit, before selecting your place of stay. It’s recommended that you select a place near to your places of interest to avoid to hassles of too much travel.

Check out possible options on popular websites before traveling:

There are several great resources available online to find the best place to stay during your visit. Websites like TripAdvisor provides you with in-depth details like photos, address, location, places nearby, tariff and most importantly REAL traveller review.

Other forums or websites that you could use for your online research are indiaMike forums, travbuddy, India Magical Trip  (for road trips only), lonely planet etc. Some of the helpful Google tools for your travel are Google maps, Google navigation, Google keep, Google local etc.

Avoid Online Booking Hotels in the off-season:

Recently it happened to me that as usual, I pre booked my accommodation prior to travel. When I reached found that hotel was 50km away from the city where I reached. This could add on to your costs and tiresome travel.

Especially in India, during the off-season (Off-season start April till September), you will surely find accommodation. In addition, you get to choose from multiple options you might want to consider. This will help you see and make the decision on where you want to stay. If you like to know more travel tips then, let me know about your experience of traveling and finding accommodation in the comment box below.

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