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5 Best Beaches in Kerala

Did you know that the meaning of Kerala is a country of coconuts? The strip of land between the Arabian Sea and the spice mountains is a land of lush tropical landscapes. Where the sea has been the protagonist of its history since Antiquity. Jews, Arabs, Portuguese … have forged one of the most multicultural states in India. And the sea is also today one of its greatest attractions. Join me to explore the best beaches in Kerala.

Kovalam famous for its best beaches in Kerala

When hippies discovered it in the 70s it was a pristine paradise, and although it now enjoys greater services. 

It is still one of the best places to bathe and tour the Malabar coast. In Kovalam you will find restaurants specialized in fish, typical crafts of the region. 

And you can have a drink while watching the sunset in one of the most exclusive luxury hotels in South India: The Leela Kovalam. Enjoying Kerala’s most popular and best beach with a touch of sophistication is possible.

Beautiful Varkala, famous for its best beaches in Kerala

The orography is imposed on the best beach in Kerala for lovers of nature. Varkala is a strip of fine sand protected by imposing cliffs, which is why the bathing area is free of buildings.

At the top are small hotels, restaurants and small-format shops that are confused between the tropical forest. The sunsets in Varkala have a strong spiritual element.

As many of the visitors take advantage of the last rays of the sun to practice yoga on the sand. The moment is magical!

Kerala’s best beaches: the Tranquility of Marari

A dreamy sandy area between the cities of Allepey and Cochín that has become a preferred and best destination of the Geographical Society of the Indies. Uncrowded and flanked by countless palm trees, Mararikulam Beach is the place to unwind after a few days of traveling in South India.

In addition to strolling along the beach as the fishermen return to fish, you can stay at the CGH Earth resort – Kerala. The leading a sustainable luxury hotel chain in India. Its thatched-roof cabins hide all kinds of comforts and the dinners on the sand make the beat of the waves the best soundtrack.

Cherai famous for its best beaches in Kerala

Cherai beach is the best beach north of Cochin, 45 kilometers from the city on the island of Vypin, it is accessible both if you stay on the mainland, or if you prefer the historic area of Fort Kochi. In Cherai the Portuguese past comes alive with a fort and a church that can be visited to complete the getaway. In addition, you will find yourself in a typical Kerala village with its rice paddies and coconut trees. One of the best experiences during your trip to India.

Bekal famous for its best beaches in Kerala

In the northern reaches of Kerala. Bekal beach is a full-blown beauty. From the shore, you can see the imposing presence of the fort. That is part of a series of Portuguese defensive constructions with 500 years of history. The contemplative sunsets over the ruins are unique.

In addition, Bekal has a luxury hotel from the Taj chain. Where staying in the king’s body is an excellent stop before or after entering the famous natural parks of Coorg and Nagarhole.

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