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Jaipur the Pink City: Capital of Rajasthan

Jaipur is a fantastic and welcoming city. Which makes you are feeling very comfy, despite its busy streets, filled with automobiles, cows and other people. The capital of the state of Rajasthan, in India, Jaipur is also called the pink city.

But it must be stated that it has this color since 1883. When it was painted on this approach to obtain Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria of England remaining until our days and giving it character and personality.

The city was based and designed by the Maharaja warrior and astronomer Sawai Jai Singh II, simply two centuries in the past. Walking alongside the vast avenues of the Old City.

We see a multitude of shops along all the streets, in which people grouped by guilds work. Its color, which seems to change according to the sunlight, transmits great warmth to us.


Hawa Mahal ( Palace of Winds) is one of the main and famous monuments in Jaipur. And this Palace was built so that the women of the royal house could observe the procession of the city through their lattices.

This palace was built in 1799 by the order of the Marajá Sawai Pratap Singh. The Marajá is said to have been a very macho and jealous person, even for the time, so he did not allow the women of his court to show themselves in public.

All of them were confined in this fascinating palace, a golden cage in which he ordered to build numerous balconies and windows with lattices and lattices so that they could have a vision of the city without being seen.

Therefore the purpose of the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur was to house the women who were part of the Maharaja’s great harem there.

Years have passed and that impressive palace has only preserved its impressive facade: more than 900 windows framed by columns and domes of pink sandstone.


The City Palace is a mixture of Rajasthani and Mongolian structure. The Jaipur City Palace is a large complex containing two separate palaces: the Chandra Mahal and the Mubarak Mahal, in addition to numerous other smaller monuments. The entire complex is surrounded by impressive courtyards, gardens and buildings that will delight its visitors.

The Jaipur City Palace has been since ancient times the historical residence of the Jaipur Maharajas. One part has been renovated as a museum, a tribute to the city’s Maharajas. One of the main claims of this palace is the room where the arsenal used for combat in wars is exposed. There you can see from swords to daggers and knives. And the Diwan-i-Am, or public courtroom, contains the fine art gallery. The private audience room, the Diwan-i-Khas, we will find some large silver vessels. In which, Madho Sing II used to transport water from the Ganges to England.

Before this palace knows as Mubarak Mahal or welcome palace. In which the dignitaries were received. And in which today They display royal costumes.

The doors and ceilings of this building are worth a close look. The main claim is the peacock motifs that are authentic works of art.


The Jantar Mantar is an astronomical observatory, built-in 1728 and where we can see rudimentary instruments. A highly accurate sundial, one that calculates eclipses, etc.

The Jantar Mantar is located very close to the City Palace. It is a historical astronomical observatory, which is still active today to predict both the temperatures of the city, the intensity of the monsoons and the natural disasters that may occur.

Although from the impression of being a collection of giant sculptures, the observatory was built by the maharaja as a “calculation instrument” to observe the sky and make his predictions.

In 2010 Unesco added it as a World Heritage Site in India, making it considered one of the great attractions when visiting Jaipur.


Nahargarh is a fortress 8 km away from the city. That provides us with impressive views of the city and a better sunset. On the way, we will pass by the Water Palace, Jal Mahal, in front of which we have a large avenue that will give us the opportunity to take a nice walk.


If we go to Jaipur we should not miss the Amber Fort. And which will impress us in every corner, with mirrored ceilings, orchards and much more.

Its construction began in 1592 by order of the Maharaja Man Singh, Rajput commander and chief of the Akbar army. It is believed that in the same place where it is located, there was already a construction (the Temple in the Sun) prior to Amber Fort, since archaeological remains have been found that confirmed this.

Its facades in warm tones are due to the use of white marble and pink and beige sandstone as the main materials in its construction.

This fortress has within it a majestic Royal Palace, which remains fully guarded by walls that made access almost impossible. In addition to this Palace, the interior of the building offers us a series of places worth visiting, through which we can get the original idea of this bastion and of the life that took place in it.

I love Jaipur, the pink city. We have many impressive things to visit, and its people are very friendly and pleasant. One of essentially the most stunning cities in Rajasthan.

Known as the Jaipur Fortress and situated in a unique and strategic position on a small hill on the outskirts of the city, Amber Fort is a building steeped in history where Hindu and Muslim architectural styles mix.

Jawahar Circle in Jaipur and Patrika Gate in Jaipur

Jawahar Circle is a garden which is situated in the south of the town, constructed by the Jaipur Development Authority.

One of the park’s entrances is the impressive Patrika Gate, which has become incredibly famous especially on Instagram. It is a very photogenic place although it has no history, it is a modern construction.

Above the garden, it is said to be the largest circular park in Asia, and is built on a roundabout.

  • Incredible India tip: It is on the route between the airport and Jaipur, so you can make a small stop on the way or back to take some photos, you do not have much else to do.

Raj Mandir – Cine of Jaipur

The Raj Mandir Cinema in Jaipur is a movie theater that started operating in 1976 and has become a popular tour of the city. Premieres Hindi movies and it can be an interesting experience for travelers. It is on Bhagwant Das Road, near MI Road.

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