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Hello travelers! Below I leave you all the info which you need to know about Cookies Policy on my website.

I inviting you to read this information so that our relationship is clear, transparent and totally based on trust.

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Website cookies are used by web pages to offer improved user experiences. Cookies are stored in web browsers and so that the website remembers the user in future accesses.

In this website cookies, main focus on the use of statistics links to social networks and help the user.

Apart from the cookies specific to this site that will be explained below:

This site also uses another- party cookies due to the different plugins and content showing on this website. Such as those that belong to videos hosted on YouTube. If you need more detailed info about them. Please visit the domain site or you can email them through their respective communication channel.

Cookies used:

Session cookies: These cookies are needed for the correct use of the site (like, they remember the country and/or frequency in which someone visits the page)

Technical cookies: In these cookies keep or store anonymous & generic info that does not include any personal data and this cookies objective is to guarantee the operation of the Web.

From other parties:

Analytical cookies: Information collected with this type of cookie is used to measure activity on the pages of this site. They are done through Google Analytics (here is their Privacy Policy WordPress Stats (here I leave more information / and

Social Networks:

External social networks: these networks are used so that you can interact with the content of different social networks such as Facebook,Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.). Below I leave the privacy policies of each platform: