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Best places to visit in Agra

A trip through India is never complete. If you do not contemplate the beauty of the Taj Mahal, a jewel that surprises everyone who enters it. And well-considered as one of the Wonders of the World. But Agra, the city that welcomes you in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Its offers many more impressive places to visit, In which two monuments are famous Taj Mahal and Agra fort, But we have made the best places to visit in Agra list of everything you should not miss:


Many guides recommend coming and going back in the day from Delhi. My point of view, the multitude of monuments and historical places to see in Agra. And it is well worth a couple of days to stay for all the best places to visit in Agra instead of doing an Agra day tour.


The most recommended option is to take the Shatabdi Express tourist train. This train takes only 2 hours and 30 minutes.

It is very frequent, elegant with employees dressed in typical costumes, menu, everything is clean and impeccable and without delays. Also, if you do not have time, it will allow you to make a day trip easily.


The bus is much cheaper, but it takes approximately 6 hours. And when I say approximately, it is literal, since it can suffer delays, road works. And even a thousand things that you can’t imagine.

So that you enjoy the city to the fullest, as I always do every time I visit it. I leave you a list of all the places that you cannot miss:

8 Best Places to visit in Agra Tour


The incredible Taj Mahal, the most beautiful tomb in the world. It will impress even the most skeptical since despite having seen it a million times in photos. And its still manages to shine the sparkle in the eyes of those who visit it.

It was built by Emperor Shah Jahan, in honor of his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Who died in childbirth of his fourteenth daughter, making it a monument to love.

My recommendation is that you go at dawn when the translucent marble with which it is built dresses in the colors of the sky, becoming a real spectacle.

The viewing of the Taj admission is 1100 rupees for foreigners, except children under 15 who are free.

Remember that they will not let you in with tobacco or lighters. That you will have to leave in the luggage room together with your shoes.

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Monuments Entry fee in Agra

Agra Entry fee details
Agra Entry fee details for 2020


The Red Fort is one of the best places to visit in Agra. It is also known as Lal Qila, is truly spectacular and steeped in history. And I can assure you that it will transport you to another time.

Being much more interesting than Delhi, although also built with red sandstone. It is a large walled enclosure surrounded by a huge moat that was filled with the water of the Yamuna River. And declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Inside, we can discover the impressive complex of beautiful palaces, highlighting the elegant Khas Mahal reception hall, built with white marble and exquisitely painted ceilings, the Anguri Bagh gardens, the octagonal tower called Musamman Burj where you can stop to cool off and enjoy incredible views and the Pearl Mosque or Moti Masjid.

I advise you for a guided tour, so as to pay a guide to those who are inside, always haggling since it will transmit the history and anecdotes, making it much more fun. The entrance fee is 650 rupees for foreigners, and it will take you a few hours to see it in its entirety.


The tomb of Itimad-ud-Dulah, which means “pillar of the state”, a title held by Nur Jahan’s father, considered one of the most powerful women in the Mughal empire, which he ordered to be built between 1,622 and 1,628.

In this small but precious, you can see the transition between the early Mughal architecture, which used sandstone and this new period that works with white marble, thus considering itself the precursor of the Taj Mahal.

For these reasons, it was named the Baby Taj and it is a perfect place to rest from the bustle of the city in its relaxing gardens, usually with very few tourists.


In the center of the city, just in front of the Red Fort, we find the bustling Muslim quarter dominated by the huge and sober Agra Mosque, one of the largest in India .

The most interesting thing is a tower of the same one that can be accessed and get a nice picture of the city, although keep in mind that you have to climb many steps of a considerable height.

When you go to visit try to wear socks or something that you can later change, since you have to enter barefoot, but it is all full of pigeons and consequently their droppings.


Mehtab Bagh are manicured gardens built right in front of the Taj Mahal, on the other bank of the Yamuna river.

But the best thing is not to pay and go inside. But to follow the small sandy path that will take us to the best view of the monument at sunset.

The first time I was there many years ago, there were hardly any tourists. But now you will probably find many people taking photos and handicraft vendors.

Likewise, you will have your moment of relaxation in front of the sunset in front of one of the wonders of the world.



Mughal Emperor Akbar erected an impressive city 35 km away. from Agra, in order to move his court, Fatehpur Sikri, which today has become a surprise for everyone who visits India.


The splendor of this city is still appreciated today. Its impressive Buland Darwaza entrance gate, a 40m arch high which is accessed after ascending a long staircase.

In the immaculate white marble Jama Masjid mosque or in the Panch Mahal or imperial palace of 5 heights with a central courtyard. There women gathered.

The city was only inhabited for 17 years by the great droughts. And that made it uninhabitable, despite having settled around a lake.


The tomb of Akbar the Great, in the town of Sikandra. It was designed following his own guidelines and was not completed until 8 years after his death. It containing Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic architectural elements that represent the way of thinking of the monarch. Who defended freedom of worship.

In addition to the monarch’s tomb, there are also those of his wives. Who professed different religions. All surrounded by green gardens were deer, monkeys and various types of birds rest.

If you are an animal lover then in Agra you can do Wildlife SOS tour also, In this tour Wildlife SOS organization will tell you, how they rescue these animals like bears from different places. This organization is the world’s largest bear rescue facility.

I hope this article is helpful for your vacation in India If you like to know more about any other destination in India. You can leave a comment below or send me a mail on

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And normally I posted three or four articles in a week to give my reader a better experience of their vacations. Hope you understand. Thanks for spending your precious time reading this article.

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