Traveler Channel is the travel blog of Prem Dhiman, two-thirty somethings from New Delhi. I decided that the money is there to spend… on traveling. I am not a great travel expert (not even mediums), I am not tourism professionals, I have not traveled around the world … but in recent years we have been escaping from our beloved India at the slightest opportunity. And foolishly I have already set foot in so many cities in India. I am a low-cost traveler, I like to go it alone and I try to practice responsible tourism.


The blog was born in May 2020 (In Lockdown period during COVID –  19) to share little travel tricks and since then it has grown in content, visits, friends and experiences. In the blog I publish notes about known places, places to meet, curiosities, tips for traveling on your own, travel suggestions and anything I consider useful or entertaining related to the world of travel.


Before lockdown in India, I have visited so many cities like (Agra, Udaipur, Kerala, Varanasi) various places in India.

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