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21 curiosities about India that will help you

In this post, we bring you 21 curiosities about India. During my two trips to India. I discovered super interesting things that can help you with your future trip.

21 facts about India

Namaste:  Clasping your hands and bowing your head is a respectful way of greeting.

Swaying with the head: This gesture that brings tourists to the head means: “yes”, “perhaps” or even “no idea”. Simple to understand the truth?

Right hand: The right hand is used for eating and for greeting. The left is used to go to the bathroom.

Discreet clothing: Avoid shorts and tops. However, it is used in areas such as tourism Goa, Gokarna, Hampi, etc.

Do not use cholis alone (a short shirt that is worn next to the saree). And although we think it is a top, if it is not accompanied by the saree, for them it is like going in underwear.

Shoes: In many places like temples, shops, travel agencies or offices in general, you have to take off your shoes.

Travel kms: Keep in mind that India is slow. If you take a train or bus, arm yourself with patience. They can do 600 km in 15 hours and 80 km in 2.5 hours.

Not spicy !: Forget !. In a few places, you will find something that is not spicy. If you order a pizza, it will be too.

A selfie? What country are you from? Another curiosity about India is it doesn’t matter if they don’t understand you, they will always ask you. If you take a selfie, Hindus will appear even under the stones. It can take even 20 minutes to take photos.

Women: We can not stand in line and sneak onto buses or trains without being reproached. In trains, there are wagons just for us.

Adoption: If you travel alone, you can become “adopted” by a family. They will invite you to dinner or simply to drink Massala tea. This usually happens on long trips, where many families practice their English.

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Mineral water: Avoid “natural” water as they call it. But you always buy bottled water that is well sealed. This is also relative since they use tap water in shakes, milkshakes, and in the vegetable wash.

Anti-Mosquitoes and sun cream: Easy to find.

Tampax and compresses: In towns or small cities, finding compresses can be difficult. Tampax are only found in drugstores in big cities.

Electricity: I have only seen two-pole plug plugs. When you come to India buy another pin for you chargers

Scams: When you come out of the railway station/airport. You have to be careful. Autorickshaws drivers may tell you that your hotel was burned, that the street is closed for a popular party, or that the hotel no longer exists. They will take you to another much more expensive place. And where they take a commission.

Heat: Depending on the time of year and the place to visit, the temperature can even reach 50 degrees. The swelling of the hands and feet is common.

Travel insurance: Although nothing has happened to me on any of my trips. It is advisable to take out insurance for any incidents that may arise.

First aid kit: Hygiene is not abundant and food and water-related illnesses are common. It is recommended to take an antibiotic for skin infections, antihistamine, antiseptic, DEET repellent, anti-diarrhea medications, oral moisturizing solution, antipyretics and anti-inflammatory. Many can be found in pharmacies.

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Scuba divers and surfers should include in their medicine cabinet treatment for possible cuts with coral or tropical infections. Scuba divers must confirm that their insurance covers pulmonary aeroembolism. You can take out a policy in diving places.

Local time: In Spain, they are 4 and a half hours less, except in the Canary Islands, which are 5 and a half hours.

Security: From what I have been able to experience, India is usually quite safe. Although there have been some cases of theft and rapes. It is recommended if you are a woman and you travel alone, avoid nights.

Drugs: The Hindu Legal System does not distinguish between hard and soft drugs. Possession of illegal substances is a crime. The penalties can even reach 10 years in prison. Drinking alcohol is prohibited in many places.

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